These unusual new types of condoms will turn safe sex into great sex - for both of you - and you can buy them right here... right now...

Male birth control is really pretty simple. Everyone knows that the right thing to do is to use condoms for protection from unwanted pregnancies as well as STDs, and STIs. Condoms are the cheapest and most5 New Types of Condoms popular type of men's birth control, period. But some guys don't enjoy using condoms because they are afraid of interrupting the "mood" or concerned about a loss of sensation when using them. Been there and done that.

I don't know how long you have been buying condoms or where, but my experience has been that most drug store and vending machine condom varieties leave a lot to be desired in more ways than one. So, the types of condoms you see here may seem unusual, but they have been very popular with a lot of people.

So, here are 5 condom styles that you may not know about that will give you so much fun and pleasure that you and your partner will find yourself wanting to use them just for the fun the fun of it. And you can feel secure knowing that you both are fully protected.

There are so many styles and types of condoms available, deciding what you want can be a problem. Are you looking for a large condom? You can shop condoms by Size. Are you looking for Kimono Condoms or Crown Condoms? You can shop condoms by Brand. And, if you are looking for the Trojan Vibrating Condom Ring you will find it and others here also.

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The 5 new types of condoms that feel so good and work so well that guys want to use them - and so do their partners:



type 1 - extended pleasure condoms

Specially designed with more headroom for maximum stimulation and pleasure


type 2 - flavored condoms

Add some playfulness and fun with colors and flavors


type 3 - non-latex condoms

Non-latex condoms are essential for people who are allergic to latex. Polyurethane condoms transmit body heat much better than latex condoms, are thinner than latex, and are odor free.


type 4 - warming, tingling, vibrating

This list includes the Trojan Vibrating condom ring


type 5 - female condoms

Who says it has be the guy who wears the condom? These are condoms designed to be worn by the woman.

Trojan's Elexa line of condoms are worn by the man, but they are designed to be especially pleasing for the ladies.


condoms by sizeCrown Condoms | Kiono Condoms | Durex Condoms

Size matters - and what matters is that you buy the right size for you

small condoms

large condoms


condoms by brandcondoms | male birth control

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trojan condoms

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celebrity and art condoms

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  • Celebrity Condoms - Kiss Kondoms, Vivid's Jenna Jameson and more...
  • Art Condoms - Peter Kuper Lucha Libre, Sub-Genius, Peter Bagge, Johnny Ryan and others...









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