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Erotic Poems of Love written with Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


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Modern Love Poems - The best romantic love poems would be poems that cause someone to fall in love with you, wouldn't you agree?


Then, I would like to suggest that you take a moment to remember those feelings you had the last time you fell in love. How happy would you be if you could recreate those feelings anytime, with anyone you wanted? What if you had a book with special magic phrases and spells that could make them fall instantly in love with you - or at least think they were?  What if these phrases and spells were written in such a way as to be beautiful and beguiling, erotic and persuasive... would these be great love poems for romance?

Love Poetry using Hypnosis and NLP is a pretty new concept but you will be amazed at what you can do!


You’re interested in making a positive impression on that special someone, aren’t you? Well, if you are looking for a love poem for a girl, this is the book for you. It is filled with modern love poems that are designed to capture and lead a woman's imagination - to lead her to having some very positive feelings about you! What do I mean by designed? Well, this book contains many beautiful love poems, but their magic is in the language used, the language of NLP, persuasion and hypnosis combined with the language of passion and love. And it is structured to model the phases of a relationship. It has falling in love poems, erotic love poems, and ends with a love breakup poem about the end of a relationship that allows the good feelings to remain even after a breakup.

I read a half dozen of these love poems to a mixed audience of about forty people. By the time I finished, half of the women in the room had their eyes closed with dreamy looks on their faces and almost all of them were smiling. And the guys were looking back and forth from me to the women wondering what was going on...  Stan B

Romance Poetry - Poems of Love and Hypnosis

These are all new love poems - about romance and making love, rekindling romance, or closure to a breakup. You may or may not know how much most women love to have poetry read to them. It’s not important that you be able to write poetry, what’s important is that you have the sensitivity to appreciate good poetry and want to share it with someone special.

When I read one of the poems to a woman, she is always pleased and charmed and thinks of me as a very romantic guy. When I read two of them, she definitely starts getting into it... I have never read three or more of these to a woman without getting her contact information and/or a follow-up date...  Ed B

I’m not going to tell you that just reading these love poems to someone will make them fall hopelessly in love with you, because that’s something that you want to find out for yourself. But, the fact that the poems are beautiful, that they are written with persuasive language, and that they really work to create wonderful feelings that she will associate with you - all this means that you will be successful with women in a way you would not have believed possible.

The best dating relationship advice for men that I can give would be to get a copy of this book right away, get a woman on the phone and read her some of these poems. Then get ready to spend some very pleasant times together...  Phil G

Now, I know that when someone like yourself finds a product that is so different anything they may have seen before, they are able to decide to buy it only after they see it in action.

So, that is why we have made it possible for you to download free love poems right away. Request your copy and go read it to someone who you know or want to know in that special way. When you see their response, you will come straight back here and order the book. It is that good.

Hypnotic and Erotic Love Poems that are totally effective - using hypnosis and NLP - but unlike many modern poems on sex, they are  completely subtle and totally inoffensive

Erotic love and romantic poetry have always gone together. Poems about making love are often so graphic or descriptive that one might be embarrassed to read them aloud if they were not already intimate with someone. These poems of love are as subtle and as beautiful as any erotic poem. But what's more, they are extremely effective at creating the states of mind essential to seduction.

Some of these are erotic love poems, but the eroticism is invoked in a very subtle way. They don't contain many references to anatomy, male or female, and they don't describe very much of the physics of making love.

Rather, they get the reader to imagine or remember the feelings they felt, the things they saw, the sounds they heard. And then in a way that no other erotic love poems have done, they anchor those wonderful feelings to the voice of the person reading them.

They are equally devastating when read silently by a woman, because the voice she is hearing is her own, and therefore, what she is saying to herself must be true. And she anchors those feelings to you. You tell me if you think this would be a recipe for great love poems for romance!



A short video by Maritza Briceno incorporating love poetry and photos from "Can You Remember a Time..." and "Hypnopoetics - Modern Love Poems and Hypnotic Inductions..."

Romantic Love Poem Quotes:

By now, you may be interested in hearing and seeing this different kind of romantic love poem. Here are some love poem quotes to give you an idea of how they work…

For instance, if you wanted a romantic love poem to impress a beautiful woman, should you read to her a love poem quote extolling her beauty? How much more would  she be impressed by someone who looks beyond her surface appearance and speaks directly to the beautiful person she is inside:


..for we look with our eyes,

but we see with our hearts

and when you find yourself

looking beyond the surface

you can see something

deep inside

something that touches you

deep inside…

(p. 24)


You can see how much more effective it will be to ignore her appearance and read her a romantic love poem that creates beautiful feelings inside her, feelings that she will associate with you? What if you want to find a falling in love poem that helps to create the feelings of safety and desire in her that will make it easy for her to fall in love with you? To…


...feel safe, but so excited;

feel secure,

but with a longing, passion and desire…



A falling in love poem that leads her to imagine that you are exactly the lover that she has always been looking for...


 … now you have finally found

someone with whom you can share

the peace and the passion

the warmth of a glow

that once again you feel

beginning to grow


What about reading her a sexy love poem that helps her remember and experience internally, the body sensations she associates with that passion and desire:

… a pure light that warms instead of burning

that begins at the center

of your being and spreads

all through your body

and your mind

and your heart until

you feel you never want to stop


What if there were a getting over the breakup poem that actually helped with the healing, that helps her to believe that:

...your heart is ready to trust

your soul is ready to heal

and your body is ready to feel once again

those feelings of hope and passion?


Or, a love breakup poem that gave closure to both you and your lover...

...I don’t know if you can imagine

a locket,  lying against your chest

where I have breathed my breath;

and in that locket you are to place

all our laughter,  excitement,

all our pleasures,

and the image of my face.

So, as that silver locket shuts

and closes on these wonder-filled days

imagine it down deep...


What if she thinks you are ‘not her type’? Could you challenge her with a forbidden love poem...

…have you ever loved

when you weren’t supposed to care

when others try to say it’s ‘wrong’

but you know the love is there.


And then read her a sweet love poem that convinced her that you have always been lovers? Would it be helpful for her to think of you in this way:

… perhaps you were lovers

in some universe or another

or perhaps your souls met

in other bodies in another time –



These romantic love poems will capture and lead her imagination, will guide her to the states of mind and emotion that she longs to feel. And when you can do that, you become associated in her mind with those states and emotions – and she will come to have very positive feelings about you. The way love poetry has never done before.


30 Day Risk-Free Trial

You can feel comfortable because you are ordering this book of Love Poetry Risk Free. Read the poems to someone special. Notice their reactions, see how their feeling change, enjoy having the special relationships that you have always dreamed of. Then, read them again - the more often you read them to someone, the more the person likes them and the more effective they become until magically you find lots of things going your way.

You will be convinced that this poetic technique is one of the greatest NLP applications you ever found. If not, contact me within 30 days after you purchase the book and I will refund your purchase price - no questions asked.

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I am here to answer any questions because I am committed to your success with this material. You will find that there is a big change coming in your life when you start using this modern love poetry. Please, don't miss this opportunity.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Poetry!

PS - Never read or recite Hypnotic Poetry to someone while they are driving!

PPS -  I am working on a new book of Romantic Haiku that I have been publishing as tweets through twitter (if you are on Twitter, do a search for "twiku" to see some interesting experiments with modern love poetry).

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