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Wouldn't you agree that the best dating relationship advice for a woman or dating advice for a man would be to learn as much as possible about a person before you get too involved with them. But, you might ask yourself, "How do I do that?" Well, handwriting analysis can be a fun personality test that is extremely accurate in detecting both positive personality traits and negative personality traits

How useful would it be to you to have a quick personality test that identified "red flags" about a prospective date or mate? Would knowing about their specific personality traits affect your willingness to get involved with them? Would that knowledge give you a better understanding of why they act the way they do and help you better deal with their actions? Of course it would!

Now, we realize that what may seem like a terrible trait to us might be just your cup of cappuccino. So after asking a number of people, we have decided that we will screen for this list of negative personality traits in the Hell Trait Report produced from any handwriting sample you want to send us:

10 Hell Traits:

  • Jealousy
  • Dual personality
  • Emotionally withdrawn
  • Low self-esteem
  • Excessively sensitive to criticism
  • Lying
  • Anti-social
  • Hot temper
  • Issues With the Opposite Sex
  • Selective listener (closed minded)

And, there is more. How useful would it be to you if that same quick personality test told you about the nature of a person's sex drive? It may not be relevant to you, but most people feel that this is a critical area of compatibility. Sex drive is also revealed in handwriting and can be amazingly accurate and revealed in this fun personality test. We will let you know which of the following characteristics the writer has:

Sex Drive and Trust:

  • Normal, healthy sex drive
  • Strong sex drive and sexual imagination
  • Sexually frustrated
  • Independent, a loner
  • Trust issues around sex and intimacy

View a sample of the Hell Trait Report.

What You Get:

  • You get a professional analysis and detailed report of the handwriting sample you submit. We will be looking for:

How to order:

 Click on the "Buy Now" button to set up your payment of $19.95 for the report:


Handwriting Hell Trait Report

  • Make a note of the Confirmation number
  • Print the Order Form and fill in your name, email address and PayPal Confirmation number. Be sure to write in the confirmation number!
  • Insert the handwriting sample in the space provided - and the initials or nickname of the writer (no full names, please, we don't want to know!). Make sure the writer uses the same capitalization and punctuation indicated in the sample text
  • Fax the Form to us at the Fax Number provided on the form
  • Prepare to have some interesting discussions with the writer when you receive the report via email!!

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