Fun Dating Personality Tests using  Handwriting Analysis

Our quick personality tests are based on the science of handwriting analysis and they will help you to identify personality traits in yourself and others; and, they will help you avoid getting involved and end up dating with people who are incompatible with your true nature. 

"...[TheLoveStroke report is customized] to look for traits that we’d want to know about…but might not see in time.  You know my experience.  If I’d had my ex analyzed, I would have found out he was a bigoted, narrow-minded, paranoid weirdo.  But, I had to wait 2 years to find out..."  JS 

You’re going to be delighted when you find out how easy and inexpensive it is to gain a deep level of understanding of a date or mate's positive or negative personality traits. We have several ways for you to discover things about someone that even their best friend might not know. And, you can find out by submitting a short sample of the person's  handwriting to us.

"...every single person who ever plans to date again should always analyze their prospective dates' handwriting before they get involved! It's better than
insurance...and a lot cheaper!..." BB

If you want to screen for negative personality traits only, order a Hell Trait Report. We will provide you with a professional handwriting analysis specifically looking for the 10 negative personality "Hell Traits". This Hell Trait Report will raise red flags that tell you what negative personality traits are indicated in the handwriting sample. This report does not look for positive personality traits, but does include advice on Sex Drive and Trust.


"…The handwriting analysis done by TheLoveStroke hit the nail on the head.  It fit everything about me.  I was so surprised.  I’d give them 9 out of 10 of accuracy (ten being the highest).  They analyzed two of my daughters as well.  Once again, it was very accurate.  Handwriting can reveal a lot about a person…even things they might not want others to know…."  JT



If you find yourself wanting to know all their negative personality traits and positive personality traits, you will want to order a Basic Handwriting Analysis Report. Thos will let you know a wide variety of things about them that anyone would want to know before getting romantically involved with another person.

Save yourself weeks of heartaches by investing a little time and money right now. Why would you trust your heart (or expose your family) to start dating someone without first knowing the true nature of their personality?


"... well, our first date was very exciting, but the handwriting analysis revealed that she had '"issues with the opposite sex" - when I asked her about this she admitted that she was only attracted to guys who were a challenge, and that she became bored once she felt like she was in control of the relationship. I was looking for a stable, long term relationship and realized it could never be with her..."  PB 


Personality Traits and Handwriting:

  • Handwriting analysis has long been used in Europe, where both the academic and business worlds consider it as a valid psycho-diagnostic technique. It is routinely used as a hiring tool by an estimated 85% of all companies (Dun's Review).
  • The FBI, CIA, and major metropolitan police departments use handwriting analysis to solve crimes, identify stalkers, suspects, select juries and convict criminals.
  • Prosecutors who won a death sentence for Scott Peterson hired  graphologists to analyze prospective jurors' handwriting during the jury selection process. The prosecution's ... effort ended in victory when jurors sent Peterson, 32, to death row in December. (Modesto Bee)
  • You may have seen it used on Discovery Channel specials, CSI, Court TV and other popular television shows.
  • Handwriting changes over time - depending on what is happening in your life - but your handwriting will always reflect your core personality traits and tendencies as well as your  current  situation.
  • You can change your handwriting and change your life?

There is no single stroke in handwriting that can tell if someone is in love with you. You have to depend on your own heart and intuition for that. But there are a number of things we can look for to decide if a person is someone you could love, and if they are capable of love.


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